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IMMIGRATION SERVICES AUSTRALIA - Syd, Adelaide,Melbourne ,Bris Townsville & Canberra A.C.T.

Effective July 1 2012 there was introduced; a new system for Skilled Migration for Australia ;

All those intending to come to Australia in this category/class area have to fill out an Expression of Interest (EOI) on the Australian Government Department of Immigration Web site.


It is very important that you /intending Migrants contact us first before filling out or putting in any expression of Interest on the DIAC web site ...this is because if you put in wrong or incorrect information your applications have a strong chance of being turned down and rejected.


Use our Expression of Interest (EOI) Assistance Services.....Contact us by email atees@bigpond.com or Facsimile 612 8088 7172 or telephone 612 90039744/ Immigration Manager Mr Lucky Iyare  admin@legalexchangelawyers.com THAILAND  66 910 485 916 SKYPE  "alextees"

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Have you lodged an immigration application? Has it been decided? What are your chances of success? How do you know?

Who prepared the application? Did it yourself? 

Then you had better pay to have it checked out by the experts (us) before the Department of Immigration makes a decision!

Because there are only two possibilities:

1.   Your application is very unlikely to succeed because you do not fit the criteria or you have not provided enough documentation.

 We have a client at the moment who is on the wrong track (advice from friends) but luckily has enough time on his existing visa for us to withdraw the application and then prepare the right one for him.

But it has been a costly experience for him in both money and emotional strain. 

2.   With some quick work from us it may be possible to strengthen your application by providing additional documentation, and by negotiating extra time to provide it. Which we have also done for many clients who have come to us in a panic at the last minute.

Will it cost money? Of course, but not nearly as much as it will cost if the application is refused and Permanent Residence in Australia is still your goal!

Because if your visa application is refused, what can you do?

Firstly you should consult me as soon as you get the refusal to see which of the following three scenarios fit your situation:

1.   There is a real possibility of winning an appeal to the Migration Review Tribunal; where I have a strong record of success, OR

2.   There is only a very slight possibility of winning an appeal, but the time gained by appealing could mean that with our expert guidance you could prepare another strategy to remain in Australia, or at least to return without too much delay; or

3.   There is no real possibility of appealing to the MRT successfully, there are no other visa options for you, so unless there is a good reason for delay, you would be better off to finalise things here, go home, forget Australia and start the rest of your life.

We will not hesitate to tell you if we believe that to be in your best interests.

But you are not going to know which of these applies in your case unless you get advice from us. Everybody you know or talk to will have an opinion, of course, but it may well have been their advice which got you the refusal in the first place!

You see, the Migration Review Tribunal is bound by exactly the same visa rules and regulations as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The Tribunal may decide that the case officer did not give appropriate weight to some of the evidence and so arrive at a different decision, or that the further evidence provided to the Tribunal leads to a more favourable decision, but it must decide according to the same criteria.

Only people who fall into categories 1. or 2. are acceptable to me as clients. Appealing for the sake of it has no appeal for me!

And of course, when you take into account the Tribunal lodgement fee and the cost of having proper preparation of your case and then being represented at the Tribunal, it is not a cheap process.


So if you have had a visa application refused recently (remember, you usually only have 21 days to lodge an appeal if you are in Australia) then ring 66 910 485 916 in SE ASIA OR 612 9281 3230 IN SYDNEY AUSTRALIA  Skype alex tees email admin@legalexchangelawyers.com/atees@bigpond.com  to make a time to consult me as to which of the three categories you are in!