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migration services australia /Alex Tees, is a  Lawyer practicing  in Australian Immigration Law in respect of Immigration legal matters only. .

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We provide a comprehensive range of Australian visa and immigration services, including Student, Business, Skilled Migration and standard form visa applications through to applications in the Federal and High Courts.

Dealing with ever changing  intricacies of Australian Immigration Law requires experience, knowledge and expertise. It can be a confusing task to try to work out which Australian visa you should apply for and whether you will satisfy the relevant visa criteria.


Skill Select | Australian Immigration

The new Skill Select program, commenced on 1 July 2012, and consists of an electronic skilled migrant selection register that will use the new Points Test system to streamline the selection of the best and brightest skilled migrants from a pool of prospective migrants who have registered on the database.

The Skill Select program is based on a two-step electronic process in which possible migrants must first (1) submit an Expression of  Interest ( EOI) to work in Australia, and are then invited by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship ( DIAC) to (2) submit a Skilled Migration Visa application if their skills and attributes match Australia’s needs.

It is very important that Applicants make sure that only true and accurate information is put into the DIAC Web site application form and that they first talk and consult with a Migration Lawyer in Australia before submitting any information. If you don’t do this your Visa Application may end up being rejected and all Visa Applications are determined on the basis of information current at the time of the actual Visa Application.

 Employers will also be able to access the Skill Select database. This will allow them to match with and contact possible migrants who are suitable to fill vacant positions in their businesses. The Skill Select database will also make it clear which prospective migrants have expressed an interest in living and working in regional Australia.

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Migration To Australia |    Overview of  Procedure

 The Australian Commonwealth (Federal) Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) oversees the arrival and settlement of migrants to Australia. Australian immigration is controlled by the Migration Act 1958 and associated Regulations.



457 Business Visas To Permanent Residency

The subclass 457 visa (Temporary Business - Long Stay) may be used create a way to get permanent residency in Australia, through both the Employment Nomination Scheme (ENS) and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS).


Differences between Australian Immigration Lawyers and Australian Migration Agents:

 In Australia, any individual or firm providing immigration advice and/or assistance must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

Australian migration practitioners are regulated by the guidelines and policies of this authority. This applies for both Australian Migration Agents and Australian Lawyers who practice in the immigration area .

All MARA registered Australian immigration lawyers are also Australian Migration Agents.  Not all Australian Migration Agents can claim to be Australian Immigration Lawyers.

Approximately only one third of all registered Migration Agents are also Australian Immigration Lawyers.

The most obvious difference between Australian Migration Lawyers and Australian Migration Agents is huge differences in the level of training and regulation that applies to each.

 While both Australian Immigration Lawyers and Australian Migration Agents must be registered with MARA and are subject to MARA’S guidelines and regulations,, Australian Immigration Lawyers are also required to be registered with a government approved body that is required to regulate the legal profession. This means that Australian Immigration Lawyers are subject to a higher degree of regulation and supervision than Australian Migration Agents . This means there is with Lawyers a higher level of regulation and consumer protection for Migration Applicants who use Migration Agents who are Lawyers.

We are both registered Migration Agents AND registered Australian Lawyers.In addition to the requirements outlined in MARA’s Code of Conduct, We also have to follow ethical and professional standards set down by NSW State Law ,the Legal Profession Act 2004 .

 Training and Experience

Visa/Migration applicants are  often unaware of the significant difference in legal training undertaken by Australian immigration lawyers as compared to non-lawyer Migration Agents.

In Australia, at least three years of post secondary university education is required to be done by Lawyers, including Required courses in Australian Administration Law (involving legal challenges to Government decisions such as the grant or refusal of Australian visa applications), professional conduct and ethical conduct.  This must be followed by a period of supervised  work in legal practice under the direction of an experienced Lawyer.  Australian Lawyers must possess significant skills and experience in Australian Law before they are allowed to practice independently on their own.


Migration Agents who are not Lawyers  are not required to complete anywhere near this level of training or undertake any practical legal work, beyond the scope of their migration studies, before they are permitted to offer their services to the public. Migration Agents who are not Lawyers are only required to do one semester of full time study (6 months) in order to qualify to be a registered migration agent. And once they are registered, there is no requirement to work under supervision for any amount of time before commencing independent business in immigration advice and service.


Australian Visas – Require a High Understanding of  Law (particularly Administrative Law)

Getting a visa is a matter of law, so a full understanding of the law and how it applies to your circumstances is of vital importance in preparing and submitting a reasonable quality immigration visa application.

Australian Immigration Law can be very complex;  and is continually changing. Lawyers are often required to analyse, interpret and apply Australian legislation, case law and Government policy all the time. Australian Immigration Lawyers are skilled in working through this kind of complexity as a result of their legal training and experience.

In completing a visa application, particular questions and the answers provided to them can be of critical importance to the success of your application as is  the type and quality of the documentation submitted in support of  a visa application.

The type and quality of documentation given to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship can make the difference between the grant or refusal of  visa application(s).

Experienced Australian Migration Lawyers can provide you with useful advice as to what type of documentation should be submitted and aid  in the effective preparation and presentation of   documentation.

Legal Submissions

 A further important distinction between Australian Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents applies to the the preparation of legal submissions.

Because Australian Lawyers are required to undertake at least three years of university legal training, it arguably stands to reason that they are well qualified to understand the legislation, policy and procedure applied by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship personnel.

This training and experience is key to the potential success of any visa application.

Immigration matters often have implications for a clients’ rights and responsibilities in other areas of law, such as family law, employment law, business law, criminal law, tax law, etc. Non-lawyer Migration Agents cannot be expected to understand the general operation of the law. Furthermore they are prohibited from provided you with legal advice outside their narrow field of training.

Should a visa application be refused and where it may be necessary to bring an appeal before the Australian Courts, an Immigration Lawyer will be able to represent you in that review, while a non-lawyer Migration Agent cannot. Appeals are  an important part of the application process, and it is best  to make sure this option is available to Applicants from the beginning.


Clients of Australian Lawyers can claim the right to legal professional privilege. This means that their lawful communications with their lawyer would be confidential and protected from exposure in most situations by legal professional privilege (a few limited exceptions exist).

Clients of Migration Agents are not entitled to claim that their communications with their Migration Agent are protected from disclosure by legal professional privilege.

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