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IMPORTANT ;FOR REGISTRATION OF EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST ON THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT IMMIGRATION WEB SITE www.diac.gov.au it is very important that Users First contact us and receive advice as to how to correctly fill in all details and follow correct procedures............

If you put in wrong or incorrect details your Immigration applications may end up being rejected....


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We provide a comprehensive range of Australian visa and immigration services, including Student, Business, Skilled Migration and standard form visa applications through to applications in the Federal and High Courts.

Dealing with ever changing  intricacies of Australian Immigration Law requires experience, knowledge and expertise. It can be a confusing task to try to work out which Australian visa you should apply for and whether you will satisfy the relevant visa criteria.


Skill Select | Australian Immigration

The new Skill Select program, commences on 1 July 2012, and consists of an electronic skilled migrant selection register that will use the new Points Test system to streamline the selection of the best and brightest skilled migrants from a pool of prospective migrants who have registered on the database.

The Skill Select program will be based on a two-step electronic process in which possible migrants must first (1) submit an Expression of  Interest ( EOI) to work in Australia, and are then invited by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship ( DIAC) to (2) submit a Skilled Migration Visa application if their skills and attributes match Australia?s needs.

It is very important that Applicants make sure that only true and accurate information is put into the DIAC Web site application form and that they first talk and consult with a Migration Lawyer in Australia before submitting any information. If you don?t do this your Visa Application may end up being rejected and all Visa Applications are determined on the basis of information current at the time of the actual Visa Application.

 Employers will also be able to access the Skill Select database. This will allow them to match with and contact possible migrants who are suitable to fill vacant positions in their businesses. The Skill Select database will also make it clear which prospective migrants have expressed an interest in living and working in regional Australia.

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Migration To Australia |    Overview of  Procedure

 The Australian Commonwealth (Federal) Department of  HOME AFFAIRS  division of Immigration and Citizenship  oversees the arrival and settlement of migrants to Australia. Australian immigration is controlled by the Migration Act 1958 and associated Regulations.

 Business Visas To Permanent Residency

Appropriate Business visas may be used create a way to get permanent residency in Australia, through both the Employment Nomination Scheme (ENS) and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS).





Have you lodged an immigration application? Has it been decided? What are your chances of success? How do you know?

Who prepared the application? Did it yourself? 

Then you had better pay to have it checked out by the experts (us) before the Department of Immigration makes a decision!

Because there are only two possibilities:

1.Your application is very unlikely to succeed because you do not fit the criteria or you have not provided enough documentation.

 We have a clients at the moment who are on the wrong track (advice from friends) but luckily has enough time on their existing visa for us to withdraw the application and then prepare the right one for him.

But it has been a costly experience for them in both money and emotional strain. 

2. With some quick work from us it may be possible to strengthen your application by providing additional documentation, and by negotiating extra time to provide it. Which we have also done for many clients who have come to us in a panic at the last minute.

Will it cost money? Of course, but not nearly as much as it will cost if the application is refused and Permanent Residence in Australia is still your goal!

Because if your visa application is refused, what can you do?

Firstly you should consult with us as soon as you get the refusal to see which of the following three scenarios fit your situation:

1.   There is a real possibility of winning an appeal to the Migration Review in Aus Admin Appeals Tribunal (AAT); , OR

2.   There is only a very slight possibility of winning an appeal, but the time gained by appealing could mean that with our expert guidance you could prepare another strategy to remain in Australia, or at least to return without too much delay; or

3.   There is no real possibility of appealing to the AAT successfully, there are no other visa options for you, so unless there is a good reason for delay, you would be better off to finalise things here, go home, forget Australia and start the rest of your life.

We will not hesitate to tell you if we believe that to be in your best interests.

But you are not going to know which of these applies in your case unless you get advice from us. Everybody you know or talk to will have an opinion, of course, but it may well have been their advice which got you the refusal in the first place!

You see, the Tribunal is bound by exactly the same visa rules and regulations as the Department of Home Affairs  Immigration and Border Protection. The Tribunal may decide that the case officer did not give appropriate weight to some of the evidence and so arrive at a different decision, or that the further evidence provided to the Tribunal leads to a more favourable decision, but it must decide according to the same criteria.

Only people who fall into categories 1. or 2. are acceptable to me as clients. Appealing for the sake of it has no appeal for me!

And of course, when you take into account the Tribunal lodgement fee and the cost of having proper preparation of your case and then being represented at the Tribunal, it is not a cheap process.

So if you have had a visa application refused recently (remember, you usually only have 21 days to lodge an appeal if you are in Australia) then ringBDM Mick James (66) 92 884 4170    in SE ASIA OR 612 9281 3230 /0409813622 / Intnl 61 409813622 skype "alextees"  IN SYDNEY AUSTRALIA  Skype alex tees email admin@legalexchangelawyers.com  to make a time to consult me as to which of the three categories you are in!


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